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Temporary Power & Aircon for Events

Aggreko is the world’s leading supplier of temporary power and temperature control (including aircon) services to the Entertainment and Events industry. 

We are trusted to provide temporary power for the world’s highest profile events - from Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup and F1 Grand Prix, to concerts, musicals and movies.

The Differentiator - What We Do

Reliable Power
In the fast paced world of professional motor-sport, there’s no room for error, especially when it comes to power. A split-second loss of power to the international broadcast center can lead to signal failure or even cause equipment to reboot, resulting in interruption of the live video feed. Similarly, the lighting systems at racing circuits require a steady supply of power to ensure that the health and safety of the racing teams is not jeopardised by poor lighting conditions.

Proven Engineering Experience
The proper sizing of the project is key to effective performance, reliability and cost control. Aggreko has experience in working with race organisers all over the world and understands the unique requirements of racing circuits and broadcast centers.

Turn-key service
All aspects of the power or temperature control package, including design, engineering, mobilisation, installation, commissioning and operation, are provided by Aggreko.

Flexible packages
The power needs of a venue are not always consistent. With Aggreko modular power packages, equipment can be added or taken away as needed, ensuring that you pay only for the power you need.

Quality of our people

We understand the demands of Global Events and your projects are delivered by our team of: power and temperature control experts; Project Managers; Technical Engineers;  Mechanical Engineers;  Technicians - all dedicated to operate and deliver highly reliable power and cooling systems.

Power Rental Solutions for the Events Industry

Aggreko has developed a range of specialised solutions for the Entertainments and Events industry, including:

With the world’s largest fleet giving customers the largest choice, and service centres across the globe, Aggreko can support you wherever your events take you, within Asia or world-wide.

Contact us to find out how we can help your event run smoothly and safely.