Rental Power to Bangladesh - 40 MW in Khulna

40 MW Rental Power Package to Bangladesh

State utility company awards six contracts for the provision of temporary power packages.

Aggreko is the only supplier to date to have successfully delivered the high voltage power plant.

40 MW of rental power provided by Aggreko will help to stabilise the energy grid in Bangladesh.

Aggreko plc, the global leader in the provision of temporary power and temperature control services, has successfully designed, installed and commissioned a 40 MW temporary power package in Khulna, Bangladesh, in association with Infradev Associates.

The project was one of six temporary power contracts that had been awarded to various suppliers by the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDP). To date, Aggreko is the only supplier to have successfully delivered the temporary power package, which has been installed at the Goal Para substation in Khulna.

The power package comprises over 50 containerised generators, along with nine transformers, fuel tanks, switch gear, cable and ancillary items. The voltage of the power package is 132 kV, which makes it the highest voltage project Aggreko International has delivered to date.

Equipment for the project came from depots located in Singapore, the UAE and Europe. It will be staffed and operated by a team of Aggreko technicians, who will work to keep the plant operating 18 hours per day.

The power will be fed into the main utility grid in order to minimise load-shedding during the summer months; a situation which has arisen due to the increased development of industry in Bangladesh. Load-shedding occurs when the power demand in an area is greater than the supply, resulting in the utility company being forced to limit the supply of energy by cutting off the power at certain times.

Ian Rogers, Managing Director of Aggreko Asia, commented: “Grid support is an area that Aggreko has a great deal of experience in. We are pleased to be able to work with the Bangladesh Power Development Board to bring the people of Bangladesh immediate relief from power shortages. With permanent bases across Asia, we are in a position to respond rapidly and effectively to any power or temperature control requirement in this and neighboring regions.”  

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