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Rental Power & Temperature Control

Aggreko provides solutions to customers who need temporary power or temperature control, either very quickly or for a short period of time.

The solutions we provide range from the simple to the very complex, for example:

Benefits of Rental Power from Aggreko

Turnkey Power Solution

  • We don't merely supply rental equipment.
  • Aggreko provide total responsibility for providing a turnkey solution right from design of the power plant to its operation and maintenance on-site.

No Capital Expenditure (Pay as you Produce)

  • Power solutions impact positively on the cash flow of the project.
  • Using a temporary power plant releases the owner from the costs and administration costs.
  • This arrangement enables the client to make staged payments over the duration of the rental period.


  • Generators are designed, assembled and tested to stringent standards at the company's own ISO 9001:2000 factory in the UK.
  • Equipment is designed to operate in harsh environments and in extreme climatic conditions.
  • Service and maintenance staff provide round-the-clock supervision to ensure the power plant operates at peak performance, delivering a guaranteed power supply.


  • Power solutions come with the flexibility to accommodate the fluctuation in power requirement.
  • Modular design of Aggreko power plants utilises synchronised base 1MW units to build the required multi-MW capacity.
  • During the course of project, if the demand increases or decreases we can add or take away the generating capacity as required.

Rapid Deployment

  • Power plants can be operational on-site within a matter of days from the date of signing a contract. - Able to mobilize, transport, install and commission the power plant within very short timescales.
  • ISO seaworthy containers that facilitates ease of handling and transportation by sea, land or air.

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