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Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) Power Plants

Where HFO is available, power users now have the option of hiring multi-megawatt power plants which operate on heavy fuel oil and utilise smaller, high-speed engines.

Benefits of HFO Rental Power

  • Huge operational savings
    Potential savings in the region of 20-34% (depending on the location of the installation) due to the lower cost of HFO compared to diesel.
  • Fast track deployment
    Multi-megawatt power plants can be installed in weeks. Aggreko's fleet located in over 190 strategic hubs around the globe, coupled with ease of transportation due to all equipment being housed in 20 foot containers, makes it easier to ship, install and commission the power plant in very short timescales anywhere in the world.
  • Built-in redundancy
    Individual generating units of small capacity within the plant allow for optimum redundancy to be built in to the design of the power plant, thereby ensuring full power output is maintained even during maintenance periods.
  • Flexibility
    Aggreko's HFO solution offers the flexibility to alter the plant capacity in small increments due to the smaller high speed engines, compared to medium / low speed engines which have a greater footprint.
  • Minimal civil works
    Aggreko's temporary HFO installation eliminates the need for complex, costly and time consuming civil works that are otherwise required to install a permanent HFO power plant.
  • Full turn-key service
    Aggreko takes full responsibility for all phases of the service offering including the design, transportation, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance - backed by more than 50 years providing rental power solutions.

HFO Engine Design

Each modular unit within the HFO rental plant package is a generator set that comes enclosed in a 20 foot container and incorporates an engine that has been developed by Aggreko to run on alternative HFO fuel.


  • First high-speed engines to run on HFO
  • Flexibility to switch between HFO and diesel fuels
  • Rating (continuous):
    50HZ = 850 KW
    60 HZ = 920 KW

Aggreko HFO Power Plants

By configuring the containerised units in a basic 6-pack arrangement as shown, Aggreko can install power plants of multi-megawatt capacities built up of multiples of the same arrangement.


Illustration shows a 10 MW site layout comprising of two six-pack arrangements.


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